John McKenna,Jessica Nelson,Eliza Bobek,Felicity Post,Maria Kolbe,Reesha Adamson,Robai Werunga

Inclusive Instruction for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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Inclusive Instruction forStudents with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Pulling Back the Curtain discusses the challenges of the increasingly common practice of educating students with disabilities in general education classrooms, citing that these challenges are often due to the fast pace of instruction, the emphasis on advanced concepts and skills that align with college and career-readiness standards, and the presence of poorly developed prerequisite skills that are necessary for traditional academic success. This book posits that these challenges are particularly salient to the education of students receiving special education services for emotional disturbance (ED), as students with ED have pervasive learning and behavioral difficulties that are often resistant to typical instruction and intervention. Contributors argue that despite increased awareness and application of inclusive mindsets, school and post-school outcomes for this student population continue to be a national concern in the United States. In this book, contributors provide recommendations for improving the manner in which schools serve this student population through inclusive measures, along with resources for administrators, teachers, and parents/guardians, that emphasize the provision of a free appropriate public education for students with ED. Scholars of education, disability studies, and psychology will find this book particularly useful.
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