Laura Lovecraft

Think Mom's Sexy Now?

One night Bryan comes home and is shocked to find his mother watching porn in his room. She's embarrassed and runs out of the room. But the next night she wants to talk to him. All his porn is about Milfs and mom wants to know if Bryan thinks she's a sexy milf. He explains she's his mother so he can't see her that way. Bryan's wrong, because mom's going to show him just how sexy his mother can be!

~~~~~  Excerpt   ~~~~~

I peeked out into the hallway to make sure mom hadn’t come out to use the bathroom and hurried down the hall to my room. I slipped into the dark room and closing the door behind me, found the switch on the small lamp next to my bed.

Grabbing a pair of boxers from the pile of clean laundry, I was ready to drop the towel when mom spoke up behind me.

“I thought you’d never get home.”

“Mom!” I spun around to face her, keeping my hand on the towel so it wouldn’t fall off. “What the hell, are you doing in here.

Mom was sitting in the chair at my desk, wearing a short, no, make that an uncomfortably short black robe. Her long legs were bare and stretched out in front of her and the robe was tied loose enough to see the inner halves of her breasts.

“I’m sitting in front of your computer, what do you think I was doing?” She sighed, “Had to do something so I wouldn’t get bored waiting for you.”

“Yeah, well I’m pretty beat, so think we could talk tomorrow?”

“No, you said you would let me show you my last outfit to see what you think of me.”

“Mom, please, not tonight.”

“Tell you what, honey, if you were to ask me if I thought you were sexy, I’d say yes in a heartbeat.” She nodded, “That is a hot look right there.”

“You think I’m…” I caught myself, “Mom we need to stop talking about this. It’s not right.”

“I agree.” She stood up and walked up to me. “We need to stop talking about this.” She put her hands on my chest and smiled at me, “It’s not right all I’m doing is talking and teasing both of us.”

“Teasing?” I looked down at her hands on my bare chest. Her long red nails looked good there and whatever perfume had on smelled damn good.

Her hair was down and styled once more and she was again wearing makeup. She looked damn good, a little too good for comfort and that wasn’t even taking into account how good her legs looked or the cleavage I was fighting not to look down into.

“Yes, I’ve been teasing you and you’ve been teasing me by pretending you don’t think I’m sexy.”

“Mom, look, we…”

“No, you look, Bryan.”

Mom caught me by surprise, pushing me hard enough to make me fall into a sitting position at the foot of my bed.

“No, you sit there and let me ask you one more time.” She grabbed the ties to the robe, and opened it. “You think your mom’s sexy now?”

“Oh my God!” I gasped.
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