Art Nouveau Jewelry Designs, René Beauclair
René Beauclair

Art Nouveau Jewelry Designs

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At the turn of the twentieth century, the Art Nouveau movement swept the world of decorative arts toward an excitingly modern direction. Inspired by both organic and geometric forms, the new trend abandoned historical styles in favor of flowing, natural forms accented by angular contours. Art Nouveau's curves and floral and animal motifs were particularly suited to adaptations in precious stones and rare metals. The elegant, royalty-free illustrations of this collection, reprinted in their original colors from a rare German edition, offer authentic representations of the craftsmanship and imaginative qualities involved in the creation of  Art Nouveau jewelry.This sumptuous assortment presents more than 300 pendants, combs, rings, bracelets, brooches, buttons, clasps, and earrings. The exquisitely detailed jewelry and accessories feature lilies, morning glories, and other floral motifs as well as butterflies, seahorses, birds, and a host of fanciful creatures. René Beauclair, a renowned Art Nouveau designer, includes his own works as well as those of André Petitjean, Jules Armbruster, Paul Liénard, Emile Jammes, and Paul F. Follot. The striking, royalty-free illustrations are readily adaptable to any design use and will serve as a source of inspiration for jewelry designers and crafters of all kinds.
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