John Priestley

Introduction to Geology

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What is the real role of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Why is the climate no warmer now that it was a thousand years ago, when the level of carbon dioxide has nearly doubled?
Why do we have deserts?
Why was there an ice age? Why is the planet so cold now, compared to the way it was in the distant past?
These are just some of the questions the author seeks to answer, by looking not just at the geological evidence, but at the way the atmosphere of the earth works now.
The book brings the reader right up to date with the latest developments in geology. It deals with the geological history of rocks, landforms and vulcanicity. The main emphasis is on the geology of the USA. Examples include the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite and Hawaii. There is also a chapter on the formation of the Rocky Mountains.

The book should be of special interest to those who already know some geology, such a Geography graduates.
This edition is illustrated with 80 photographs, maps and diagrams.
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