Overcoming Depression: Pragmatic Solutions to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts, Mark Brightlife
Mark Brightlife

Overcoming Depression: Pragmatic Solutions to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts

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Before helping others, seeking for help, or even considering such thoughts, we must realize a fact that not many Therapists and Patients are willing to confront: Only those that help themselves can be helped!
Nobody can provide assistance when such is invalidated by its receptor; we can help as much as someone is willing to accept it.
This brings us to another problematic related to the topic of helping.
There are two kinds of people that can’t be helped and two that can.
Those that can’t be helped have been…
Deeply hurt in the past or too many times;
Betrayed by those that were supposed to help them or someone they loved.
And, those that can be helped…
Usually help others and in doing so can see positive outcomes coming from the acceptance of help;
Have a positive perspective about life, built out of a healthy and loving past.
The vast majority of the population is under the first category and that’s why, even though the number of therapists have highly increased in the past decades, the number of patients didn’t diminished but rather multiplied.
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