Graham Masterton

Taken for Dead

Katie Maguire is one of Ireland's best detectives.

So why can't she catch these killers?

In a secluded cove just outside the reaches of the city of Cork, a woman wakes up into a nightmare. She is buried in the sand, unable to escape. The gulls wheel silently overhead. Nobody could imagine the cruelty of her fate…

Katie Maguire of the Cork Garda is soon on the trail of a terrifying gang of torturers calling themselves the High Kings of Erin. She'll do anything to stop them before they can claim their next victim — but somehow they are always one step ahead.

Is Detective Katie Maguire losing her touch? Or is somebody close to her less trustworthy than they seem?
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Head of Zeus



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    will ever make amends
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    she went into labour

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