Jack N. Raven

Kill The Dweeb, Uncage The Man

What is an Alpha Male? Why do we need to become one? Is it even possible for a natural Dweeb, Beta male to transform himself into one?The answer is a resounding YES!This book will arm you with everything that is necessary not only to understand Alpha theoretically, more importantly to transform you into one!Please entrust me with your Alpha training. I myself went through this difficulty that’s why I understand where you’re coming from, where youneed to go, and the specific tools to get there.TOCContentsIntroductionPrimal masculinityTraits of an Alpha MaleConfidenceLeadershipAmbitiousCompetitiveStrengthCharismaDesire to winAccepts ChallengesInspirationalCalculatingIngeniousDecisivenessOptimisticSelf-PreservationProtectiveRole reversalsManifests his own destinyFocusEgotisticalImpulsivityDependableDedicatedNegative traitsPerfectionismRuthlessnessRecklessnessPressureUnapologeticIntense RivalriesArroganceObstinateDominating behaviorsPerseveranceOther side effectsThe player AlphaToo dangerousBullyingObnoxious AssholeUnlisted Alpha traitsHow to learn Alpha body languageBuilding Alpha from the inside outHow to toughen upDweebness comes from fearAlpha RehearsalsPhysiology affects stateBest technique for internalizationTroubleshooting:Integrity TestsGame recognizes gameConclusion
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