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Buzzing Communities

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Buzzing Communities cuts through the fluff to offer a clear process for creating thriving online communities.

This book combines a century of proven science, dozens of real-life examples, practical tips, and trusted community-building methods. This step-by-step guide includes a lifecycle for tracking your progress and a framework for managing your organization's community efforts.

This Book Will Help You to:

-Understand what the members of your community really want.

-Dramatically increase the number of newcomers that become regulars.

-Avoid the mistakes most organizations make when they try to build online communities.

-Develop a fantastic, user-friendly website for your members.

-Grow your online community to critical mass and beyond

-Keep members engaged and active in your community.

-Measure the community's return on investment and explain the benefits to your organization.
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    Svyatoslav Yushinцитирует2 года назад
    Developing a community strategy
    A strategy is comprised of the following five steps:
    1. Data collection. The first step is to collect data about the audience and the current progress and health of the community. This includes both quantitative and qualitative data. Collecting this data is a time-consuming but important task. It’s the single, most reliable way to make sure you’re doing the right thing. Anything else is guessing.
    2. Analyze data.Once you’ve collected data, you need to analyze how the community is progressing through the prisms of growth, activity, and sense of community. You need to identify the health of the community and its ROI. This doesn’t take long.
    3. Establish the goals. Based upon where the community is now, you can use theory to determine where the community needs to go next. You set goals for each of the other elements within the community management framework and targets they can be measured against.
    4. Create an action plan. Now you have the goals, you need to develop an action plan to get there. This should be broken down into a very specific three-month calendar (week by week), and a broad 12-month plan (month by month). Highlight what needs to be done at the beginning of each week by creating a day-by-day plan.
    5. Track progress and ensure accountability.Finally, you need to track progress towards these goals and ensure none of the goals are missed. You might also identify any obstacles that prevent these goals from being realized.
    Камиль Зариповцитирует2 года назад
    You can waste a lot of time catering to the whims of this vocal minority without realizing that it’s just a vocal minority. It’s only those who are upset that typically voice their opinion. The happy members rarely state how happy they are about the current state of their community
    Александра Смыкаловацитирует3 года назад
    The happy members rarely state how happy they are about the current state of their community.

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