The Last Daughter of Xyydaria IV, Scott

The Last Daughter of Xyydaria IV

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Many light-years away, on the war-torn planet of Xyydaria IV, Warrior Princess T’rrakah M’raand plots her escape from her violent world and her Warlord father, Thaaetromn. Monitoring transmissions from a far-away source, she finds a world not only capable of sustaining her, the beings look similar to her, as well — on a small orb that the inhabitants call Earth.

She then finally leaves her turbulent existence behind. Upon landing not-so-safely on Earth, she finds a friend – and possibly love – in Shaun Damon, a young astrophysicist who discovers her arrival and offers her the gift of trust and anonymity, along with his heart.

In the meantime, sinister forces are at work to return T’rrakah to her home world, as her enraged father dispatches his second in command, G’naar, to retrieve his wayward daughter.

G’naar, however, is maniacally obsessed with the beautiful T’rrakah, and has his own deadly agenda – an agenda wrought of ruin and destruction, that if allowed to come to pass, will lead T’rrakah, Shaun and Thaaetromn down a dark path that there may be no escape from.
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