Lars Brink,Karen Fischer,David Epstein,Charles B Moss,Gershon Feder,Heinrich Hockmann,Iryna Kobuta,Kateryna Schroeder,Linde Gotz,Marlene Boersch,Martin Petrick,Olga Murova,Saule Burkitbeyeva,Uliana Saigusheva,Vasily Erokhin,William Liefert

Transition to Agricultural Market Economies

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It is believed that the major countries of the former Soviet Union—specifically Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine (KRU region)—are the part of the world with the most potential to increase food supplies and strengthen world food security. This book examines the future of the KRU countries in global agricultural markets and will examine a number of agricultural sectors, including meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. However particular attention is paid to the region’s potential expansion of the grain sector and why the KRU region emerged during the 2000s as a major grain exporter, and its potential to further expand grain production and exports. It also examine the issues of environmental constraints and trade-offs for agriculture, sustainability, and the possible effects of climate change
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739 бумажных страниц
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CABI, CAB International


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