An Open Approach to Scholarly Reading and Knowledge Management, Hugh McGuire
Hugh McGuire

An Open Approach to Scholarly Reading and Knowledge Management

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In 2017, The Rebus Foundation embarked on a research and development project to prototype an open, web-based reading system, with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Our main goals with this project were to clearly identify and understand the different players involved in the publication, distribution and consumption of scholarly monographs, and to explore how Open Web technologies could improve scholars’ access to, and interaction with, scholarly monographs. We've summarized our research findings in this report.
Visit to learn more about the Rebus Foundation and our projects. You can also contact us at
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Полезный обзор для всех, кто занимается академическим книгоизданием, библиотечным делом и IT-разработкой в этой сфере. Да и просто про чтение интересно и полезно.

While our research has been driven by particular interest is in developing a networked, web-based reading platform (with HTML as the base format), it is clear that PDF is currently the preferred digital format for many scholarly readers, largely because of two factors: portability and searchability.
Indeed, while print is a revenue driver for university presses, many libraries are moving to a digital-only acquisitions policy, which is shifting the terrain:
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