Mary Kay Hunziger

Crafting Is Like You: Poem A Day Book For Crafters (Minecraft Crafting Guide, Crafting with Duct Tape, Crafting with Cat Hair, Crafting With Kids & Crafting Buttons Crafting Guide Poetry & Rhymes in Verses & Quotes for Crafting Poem Journals)

The collection of poems includes 25 crafting poems from A to Z with quotes just like this one: Crafting is much like the letter U because crafting with used books is one of the best ways to add some style. It's a fun way to make an author's words become even more worthwhile! Crafting is also like U because crafting with the universe in mind is yet undefined but might be the best thing happening to mankind. Crafting with the universe might make you seem very small. Yet that one little space you take for you is the most important crafting space of all. Some very lucky few crafters are able to get in touch with it so make sure you work at it! Crafting is also quite like the letter U because crafting reminds me of crafting with used Christmas cards. Used Christmas cards are also quite nice because of every Xmas craft ingredient that is quite convenient and because crafting with Used Christmas cards also follows the crafting law of the “Petit Bourgeois”…
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Inge Baum



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