A Joosr Guide to… The Element by Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica

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What is the difference between the individuals who achieve greatness and those who don't-and how can you be one of the great ones? Find out what it takes to be the best at what you do, and use your own unique abilities to achieve more by discovering your element.

The Element discusses how you can find your element, and what to do with this when you do. You will learn how to recognize and value your natural gifts, using them to pursue something that can bring you great success. Identify your own distinctive advantages and realize just how greatly your life can improve when you seek your element.

You will learn:

· What the element is and how to find yours

· That having the right attitude will naturally take you to your element

· Why the right group of people can change the way you see and use your talent.
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    Zulykey Nathaly Cruz Rodriguezцитирует2 года назад
    The only thing that can truly hold you back from finding your element is your own attitude

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