The Unofficial Stranger Things A-Z, Daniel Bettridge
Daniel Bettridge

The Unofficial Stranger Things A-Z

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Were you among the estimated 15 million worldwide viewers that immersed themselves in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana during the first month of Stranger Things being released on Netflix? Or even a subsequent, self-confessed, super-fan?
Yes? Well, good news! In anticipation of the second season of Stranger Things, premiering on Halloween 2017, Daniel Bettridge provides us with an ultimate fan guide on an A to Z journey from Atari to the Upside Down. So you can brush up on your knowledge and get ready for what's yet to come!
Providing an all new insight into one of the world's most popular television programmes, Bettridge explores the show, its many themes and influences and so much more; giving you the inside information from an outsider's perspective.
Pop-culture writer, (and Stranger Things super-fan) Daniel Bettridge, is the author of Travel Guide to Westeros and has written for publications including The Times, the Guardian, the Independent and Vulture.
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