Emotional Wisdom, Mantak Chia, Dena Saxer
Mantak Chia,Dena Saxer

Emotional Wisdom

239 бумажных страниц
A groundbreaking book, Emotional Wisdom reveals powerful ancient tools for transforming our painful emotions into happiness and health. So-called negative emotions are valuable messages that let us know we are out of balance. With compassion and humor, Taoist authors Mantak Chia and Dena Saxer explain the messages that anger, depression, fear, worry, and stress offer us. They present three easy-to-learn twenty-minute internal energy practices, with helpful illustrations, to turn these imbalances into harmony and joy. They provide unusual nutritional advice for emotional healing and a Taoist First Aid section with proven natural remedies for minor ailments such as insomnia, indigestion, headaches, and overeating. Relevant quotes from the Tao Te Ching add inspiration to this practical, life-changing book.
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