Margarete Aguilera,Tabitha Stich

Low Fat Cooking: Lose Fat with Clean Eating and the Belly Fat Diet

Low Fat Cooking: Lose Fat with Clean Eating and the Belly Fat Diet The Low Fat Cooking book covers two diets, the clean eating diet and the belly fat diet. Both diets offers recipes that are low in fat to help you lose weight. Each diet plan calls for fresh fruits and vegetables, high fiber foods and lean meats. These nutritious foods help to boost the metabolism, which helps to burn more calories. There is a huge variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, supper, beverages, and snacks and desserts to plan meals for a couple of weeks ahead of time. The first section covers the clean eating diet with these categories: The Clean Diet, Benefits of Clean Eating, Alternative Food Types, Tips for Eating Clean and Healthy, 5 Day Sample Planner for Day to Day Meals, Breakfast Recipes, Quick and Easy Lunches, Main Meal Recipes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Snacks, and Beverages. A sampling of the recipes includes: Peachy Spritzer, Vanilla Lovers Granola, Classy Carrot Cake, Stuffed Zucchini Boats, Crispy Fish Fillets with Lemon Dip, Touch of Italy Cheese Quesadillas, Sweet and Zesty Pancake Apple Rings, Rise and Shine Banana Bread, Creamy Albacore Pita, Home Made Beef Tacos with Salsa, Quinoa Corn Salad, and Classy Carrot Cake. The second section of the book covers the belly fat diet with these categories: What is the Belly Fat Diet, The Secret Behind the Diet, How the Diet Works, Benefits of the Belly Fat Diet, Essential Tips for Success on the Belly Melt Diet, Helpful Diet Tips to Follow, Top Belly Fat Burning Foods, Belly Melting Breakfast Recipes, Great Lunch Recipes to Help You Lose Belly Fat, Flat Belly diet Dinner Recipes, Belly Flattening Drink, Snack and Dessert Recipes, and Your 7 Day Belly Fat Diet Meal Plan. There is a big variety of delicious belly fat reducing recipes too.
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