A Joosr Guide to Gut by Giulia Enders

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We may think we know all we need to know about our guts, never sparing it a second thought. But when we look closer, we find a fascinating organ that controls the state of our bodies and brains. There's a world of information you never knew about your gut-until now.

Gut is a revealing look inside one of the body's most remarkable organs. Often ignored, the gut has been the secret home of undiscovered fascinating information for years. However, new studies are bringing to light exciting new findings you'll have to see to believe. There's an efficient, powerful machine inside you, and Gut will tell you just how it works.

You will learn:

· How over 3 trillion microbes survive within your gut

· Why you may experience nausea on plane trips

· How the stomach can use signals to control the brain's emotions, thoughts and memories.
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