Rev. Caesar 999

The Satanic Bible 2012

The Satanic Bible 2012: Second Edition Description
The Satanic Bible 2012, Second Edition has been edited again and re-formatted. This book contains the foundational belief system for the mystical religion of Spiritual Satanism 999. The initiated supporters are taught the deeper more mystical aspects and religious name of Vampir Satanism 999. Realist Satanists are made aware of the mystical content of a book designed mainly for Mystics!
First, the book begins by introducing the readers to myself as the author and founder Rev. Caesar 999, the temple or church, and the 2 main Satanic branches that existed at the time when the book was first written. Through revealing the major differences between Spiritual Satanism 999 and these other major branches of Satanism, it helps to clarify what branch this Satanic religion represents and follows. These main other 2 branches are known as LaVeyan and Traditional or Theistic. My temple is not a form of Traditional Satanism, but it is a form of Theistic Satanism or Theistic Satanic Religion!
Second, the main section on The Orders, defines the major branches of the temple which will be developed. Each branch itself involving its own mysticism and purpose! Every organization has to have a system and structure to that system. Since we see the world in a constant state of warfare and consider most right-hand path religions to be our enemies, the outward structure of several of these Orders is conceptualized through a spiritual militant hierarchy within a system of Warrior-Priests! The other Order, reveals the very beginning foundation for the Holy Whore Priestesses and Priests which is based upon the very ancient concept of the Holy Whore! The Holy Whore concept existed within many Priestess and Priesthoods throughout history in many pre-Christian religions and one of our goals is to restore and resurrect the Holy Whore Tantric Priestess and Priesthood!
Third, we move on to the main core section on the Virtuous Principles, the main deity of our temple, etc. There is some explanation of the concept of the Androgynous God/Goddess, which is later defined as our form of the goddess Kali or Satanic Kali. Also, the Principles are explained, revealing a mystical and spiritual goal for humanity and our people! These Principles are also known as the Anti-Christian or Satanic Moral-Value System. This system is designed and re-created from many pre-Judeo-Christian beliefs, values, and lifestyles! This system is designed to replace the Judeo-Christian moral-value system within our temple, communities, etc.
88 бумажных страниц
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George A. Hart



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