Undying Chains, McKenzie Stark
McKenzie Stark

Undying Chains

166 бумажных страниц
What happens when truth is tested?
When friends become foes and nobody can be trusted. Do you run or do you face it.
Katherine Incendia is strong, dangerous, stubborn and lets not forget sexy. Years dedicated to Artemis the Secret Assassination Service that has controlled her life. What happens when the odds are tested? When her life is taken and given a new one. She can no longer make out truth from lie, friend from foe.
Lives are at stake and her very existence is the key to discovering the truth. 
What if letting the illusions — the dreams consume her? 
Alexander Advise is a warrior. He is what the Insiders fear, the very death of them. A vampire and his reputation stands against all odds. The enemies will stop at nothing until they get what they desire, his death. Loyalty is tested and lives are in danger. 
Katherine will search the ends of the seas for the truth, who is Alexander Advise, why does the very sight of him make her temple as if she has known him before. 
What lengths will she go before it becomes too much, before the illusions and vivid dreams consume her very being.
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