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Dump Dinner Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook

Dump Dinners — Remove The Stress And Hassle Of Cooking At The End Of A Busy Day.
Feed your family with little or no effort with these dump dinner recipes designed to create delicious meals with little or no effort. Just gather the ingredients, dump them in a skillet and in a few minutes you will have a mouthwatering and tasty dinner ready for your family.
The Dump Dinners Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook is a collection of 35 Dump Dinner recipes you can cook in your skillet. It has enough variety to keep you going for more than a month. There are several chicken and beef recipes with a sprinkling of other meats like pork and seafood. You no longer have to be overwhelmed after a busy day. Now you can have appetizing dinners ready for your family no matter the type of day you've had!
Quick, Easy And Pocket-Friendly Recipes
Not only are these recipes delicious, they are also very easy to cook and economical too! This is exactly what you need to prepare tasty and savory meals for your family without spending hours in the kitchen.
Some of the dinner dishes in this book include:
Quick Skillet Roast Beef
One Skillet Seafood Supper
One-Pan Sweet Potatoes
Creamy Skillet Beans
Pork Chops With Caramelized Onion
Hearty One-Skillet Beef
Sweet Marsala Chicken
Pasta And Rice With Spinach
Quick Amaretto Shrimp
Chicken Pineapple
And Much More!
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