Survival, G.S. Willmott
G.S. Willmott


A compelling read, this is the story of one family's journey through wars, tragedies and triumphs. A story of love, family, unity and resilience. Another great story from Australian author G. S. Willmott. Very difficult to put this one down.' — Christine
'Historical thriller of how one family beat the odds to survive WWI and WWII… The ending leaves the reader astonished.' — David
'A masterful book written in the most powerful way, about two families and their struggle with business, two world wars and the loss of the family and friends held dearest to them.
From the very first page you are held in suspense, through the absorbingly vivid descriptions of the most horrific and colourful situations, that were the period during and between the two great wars.
The spellbinding finale leaves the reader wanting answers to the vexed questions of life, and its true meaning.' — Ian
318 бумажных страниц
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Garry Willmott


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