Miranda Ward

F**k The Radio, We've Got Apple Juice

What happens when getting played on Radio 1 isn't the goal anymore? What if music is really just about music?
A few years ago, Little Fish were signed to a major label and recorded an album in LA. They've toured with some big names (last year Debbie Harry saw them supporting Courtney Love and asked them to join Blondie for a UK tour, for instance) and played all over the world.
But earlier this year, they did the opposite of what the traditional rock n' roll myth says you should do: they came home again. They left their label, set up a recording studio in an Oxford bungalow, and started doing the things that made them happy, instead of the things they thought they should do to get played on Radio 1. They sent hand-letter-pressed cards to their fans, held raffles in the middle of their gigs, and played acoustic sets at local open mic nights.
Independence has raised a lot of questions for Little Fish. Why do we make music? What do people want from bands? How do you create a community? How can we make a living? What is a living? Joined by friend and writer Miranda Ward, who quit her job to follow them on their adventure, they plan to explore these questions, even if they never find answers, and to tell the stories about being in a band that you don't get to hear in NME.
F**k the Radio is a book about Little Fish, but it's also a book about making it work, making your own way, and making stuff — music, comics, t-shirts, fishy paper squares, stickers, badges, vinyl, stop-motion animations, even books. And fresh apple juice. It's about declaring your independence and rewriting the myths you live by.
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    Alexander Revinskyцитирует6 лет назад
    But the gap between imagining something and realizing it is huge, sometimes irreconcilably so, and anyway I have no doubt that the next time I hear any of the new songs – played live, or on my laptop, as part of a fully-fledged album – they’ll sound at least a little different.
    Alexander Revinskyцитирует6 лет назад
    The lure of DIY, in its simplest form, is immediacy and independence; it simplifies the relationship between creator and listener, brings them closer together.
    Alexander Revinskyцитирует6 лет назад
    Labels, he said, need to shift from being record companies to being “services of value” for artists; we need to stop thinking about records as being the product, he proclaimed, and think instead in terms of “units of art”.

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