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Essential Novelists – Thomas Wolfe

Welcome to the Essential Novelists book series, were we present to you the best works of remarkable authors.For this book, the literary critic August Nemo has chosen the two most important and meaningful novels of Thomas Wolfe wich are Look Homeward, Angel and You Can't Go Home Again.
Thomas Wolfe was an American writer best known for his first book, Look Homeward, Angel, and his other autobiographical novels.After Wolfe's death, contemporary author William Faulkner said that Wolfe may have been the greatest talent of their generation for aiming higher than any other writer. Wolfe's influence extends to the writings of Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac, and of authors Ray Bradbury and Philip Roth, among others. He remains an important writer in modern American literature, as one of the first masters of autobiographical fiction, and is considered North Carolina's most famous writer.

Novels selected for this book:

— Look Homeward, Angel.
— You Can't Go Home Again.This is one of many books in the series Essential Novelists. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the authors.
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