Stranded, Val McDermid
Val McDermid


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A superb collection of nineteen nail-biting, perfectly plotted short stories from internationally bestselling crime writer Val McDermid, the queen of the psychological thriller.
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Doge Dogov
Doge Dogovделится впечатлениемв прошлом году

Every time you take a run at it, your feet stumble on unexpected cobbles. And there’s always a good reason for it, a reason that makes perfect sense to both of you, but a reason that still leaves you feeling bleached and split like driftwood on the shores of love.
And you are slowly grasping the fact that this is seldom anything to do with you. It is simply her way of externalising other stresses, other frustrations. And you are having to learn not to take this personally.
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Katya Akhtyamova
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