Wendy Hutton

Handy Pocket Guide to Asian Vegetables

Learn the essentials of Asian vegetables with this useful and portable reference book.This handy field guide introduces over 50 tropical vegetables commonly found in Indonesia. Each exotic item is described in detail, and local names as well as botanical names are given. Culinary options, tips on buying, storing and preparation of vegetables, and five mouth watering recipes are included. Illustrated with beautiful color photographs for easy identification of each vegetable, this book is a “must” for vegetable lovers.Periplus Handy Pocket Guides are practical field guides, useful for identifying various natural objects ranging from plants and animals to gemstones and seashells. Each page of each title throughout the series is filled with clear, precise photographs and informative text. Scientific and local language names are given.
141 бумажная страница
Дата публикации оригинала
Periplus Editions, Tuttle Publishing
Peter Mealin



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