The Rocky Twins, Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman

The Rocky Twins

The Norwegian Rocky Twins (born Leif and Paal Roschberg) were deliciously handsome and lived life to the full. They made a name for themselves as dancers in the Paris music hall in the late 1920s at the tender age of eighteen and went onto have a ten-year career in Europe and America appearing on stage and in film during the Jazz Age between 1927–1937. Their act took Paris by storm in 1927 because in one of their numbers, they dressed up in drag and imitated the famous Dolly Sisters, who had just retired.  Their unique performance enabled them to star on the stage and in film across Europe and America (Paris, London, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York and Los Angeles) and at the same time their good looks became highly sought after by connoiseurs of the body beautiful of either sex. Their beauty, their androgynous looks and their outrageous antics made them legendary.
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