Anna Gracey

Your Cheat Sheet To The Glycemic Index Diet

“Your Cheat Sheet To The Glycemic Index Diet” is a fantastic book that gives the reader the opportunity to learn the various effects that food has on the body. The thing is that many persons simply consume foods and do not really know how many carbohydrates they are consuming or how these carbohydrates have an effect on the level of sugar in the blood. They simply know that when they eat certain foods, they tend to feel a certain way, whether it be energized or lethargic. The author has used the book as the medium to get the message across to many as to how the body works and the role that the Glycemic Index has to play and why in the long run it is beneficial to go on a Glycemic Index diet. It is a text that is easy to read and is a great resource for anyone seeking information on this particular diet.
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Дата публикации оригинала
Speedy Publishing LLC, Weight A Bit



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