The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen

The Snow Queen

When Gerda's beloved playmate, Kai, disappears one winter afternoon, all of the grownups give him up as forever lost. But Gerda knows in her heart that Kai can be rescued, and with nothing more than the clothes on her back, she journeys to a far country, populated by an ancient sorceress, friendly crows, and fearsome robbers. Gerda's power to face every obstacle in the quest to save her friend from his kidnapper, The Snow Queen, lies in her innocence and her abiding faith.Storyteller Hans Christian Andersen is famed for his heartwarming tales of enduring love and persistence in the face of adversity. Enchanting full-color images by Golden Age illustrator Edmund Dulac enhance Andersen's fairy tale of a girl's unshakable determination and stirring heroism, a classic that inspired the Disney animated film Frozen.
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Дата публикации оригинала
Dover Publications
Edmund Dulac

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The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen
The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen
The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen



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