Mary Kay Hunziger

Dog Guide: Selling Dog Books & Services Dog – eBay Business Opportunities, Etsy & Beyond For The Entrepreneur

Do you love dogs? If you do this compilation of dog stories is for you because it shows you the 7 most unique ways of how to make money from everything that involves dogs! In this compilation of profitable dog stories, Mary Kay Hunziger shares some exciting from passion to profit journeys to some very profitable six figure dog businesses. One of them started with a measily $13 sale on sites like eBay and Amazon in 2007 and today they lead a dynamic team and have a thriving online business that authors and authorities like Jim Cockrum are calling the true “virtual empire”. If you love dogs and like to make some profits with your beloved dog, you will love these stories like “Facebook For Dogs”, “Dog Grooming Profits”, “Sniffing Out The Mold”, “Weird Dog Profits”, and many more of the most exciting stories that will help you make some cool profits from doggies ASAP!
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