The Australian Affairs Collection, Carol Marinelli, Miranda Lee, Meredith Webber, Amy Andrews, Nikki Logan, Michelle Douglas, Lucy Clark, Emily Forbes, Kandy Shepherd, Avril Tremayne
Carol Marinelli,Miranda Lee,Meredith Webber,Amy Andrews,Nikki Logan,Michelle Douglas,Lucy Clark,Emily Forbes,Kandy Shepherd,Avril Tremayne

The Australian Affairs Collection

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{"strong"=>["Discover red-hot Australian heroes with eighteen sizzling stories from Mills & Boon!"]}
{"strong"=>["• Taken Over by the Billionaire by Miranda Lee"]}
{"strong"=>["• An Unlikely Bride for the Billionaire by Michelle Douglas"]}
{"strong"=>["• Hired by the Brooding Billionaire by Kandy Shepherd"]}
{"strong"=>["• Bound by the Unborn Baby by Bella Bucannon"]}
{"strong"=>["• Her Knight in the Outback by Nikki Logan"]}
{"strong"=>["• One Baby Step at a Time by Meredith Webber"]}
{"strong"=>["• Tempted by Dr. Morales by Carol Marinelli"]}
{"strong"=>["• It Happened One Night Shift by Amy Andrews"]}
{"strong"=>["• From Fling to Forever by Avril Tremayne"]}
{"strong"=>["• The Accidental Romeo by Carol Marinelli"]}
{"strong"=>["• Breaking the Playboy's Rules by Emily Forbes"]}
{"strong"=>["• The Return of Her Past by Lindsay Armstrong"]}
{"strong"=>["• Second Chance with Her Soldier by Barbara Hannay"]}
{"strong"=>["• The Firefighter to Heal Her Heart by Annie O’Neil"]}
{"strong"=>["• Wedding at Sunday Creek by Leah Martyn"]}
{"strong"=>["• Dr Chandler's Sleeping Beauty by Melanie Milburne"]}
{"strong"=>["• Countering His Claim by Rachel Bailey"]}
{"strong"=>["• Australia's Maverick Millionaire by Margaret Way"]}
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HarperCollins Publishers, Mills Boon



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