First in the Morning

First in the Morning: Every morning you probably begin your day by looking at the news and checking your emails — and you will probably agree that this is not the most inspirational start to the day. First in the Morning is Osho talking on a variety of subjects specially selected for the morning. It gives you a different option for your morning routine, a taste of meditation that can carry you through the day.Simply begin each morning by finding a moment to sit quietly, be with yourself, and read the suggested passage. The extracts here, and in the companion volume Last in the Evening, are taken from intimate one-on-one talks with Osho, and he suggested this compilation of his insights on a variety of subjects that include the nature of bliss, joy, and meditation.Whether you are familiar with meditation or a newcomer to the inner world, these two invaluable books, separately or together, can make a real difference to how you approach each day, and your life.
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    That’s how we become able to love: if we are loved we can love; if we are not loved we don’t know how to love, we don’t know what love is.
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    All the great masters of the world were teaching methods of moving your inner being into higher planes. They were helping people to grow wings. And all the churches have been trying to divide you because that is the fundamental way to rule over people: divide and rule. You can easily divide a person and then he becomes powerless; his energies start fighting within him, he becomes a chaos, then you can rule him. All the churches are interested not in transforming you but in enslaving you, in ruling you, in exploiting you.
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    First one has to become harmonious within oneself and then one can be harmonious with the universe, with the stars and the moon and the sun and the trees and the birds – one can merge into this whole, vast, infinite universe. There are two mergers: one within yourself, the first unity, and the second, with the whole, the second unity. And within these two steps the whole journey is complete.

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