Kemal Demirez

Master of Linux Commands

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There are many books written about Linux operating system so far and it will continue to be. Each book is a unique method of expression and a path to follow. I, as a Linux lover, also wanted to say a few words in this field.

My work is just about that. I stood on the issue was the using of Linux commands. Of course, there are many resources relates to this issue both printed and on the internet. I can say there are some differences in this book. What are those differences? For example, I chose simple explanation, I did not care too much with the details, which is to me unnecessary, and also could be exhaustive for user / reader unnecessarily.

I eloborate on more practice that will benefit command to use, I try to add images on the use of almost every command, and through a rigid categorization.

I tried to explain that I deem necessary, rather than being grouped in topics, etc. Of course, all work can be done much better all the time. I wish to be helpful to all readers..

K. Demirez
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