Captain Grant's Children, 儒勒·加布里埃尔·凡尔纳

Captain Grant's Children

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“The children of Captain Grant” is the first one of Jules Verne’s famous trilogy: “The children of Captain Grant”, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, “ Mysterious Island “, which was written in 1867. The novel depicts the cruise ship “ Duncan " being carried out on its maiden voyage Strait between Ireland and England, where the owner, Sir Gerry suddenly found a shark following him. The sailors killed the shark and found a sealed bottle in the shark’s belly. The bottle was equipped with three broken incomplete distress letters written in English, French, German. This letter was signed by England explorer Captain Grant. In his works, Jules Verne describes some of the noble-minded people wholely heartedly engaged in scientific research but never caring about the individual stakes, never considering their own material interests. Most of his protagonists are some genius inventors, competent engineers and brave navigators. He hopes through his protagonist in the book to reflect the excellent quality of intellectuals at the time, to reflect the difference between the people engaged in mental speculation personal gain and the bourgeoisie and the corrupt people.
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