Sherry Givens

Bright Line Eating Cookbook

It was designed by a Ph.D. psychology professor whose expertise was in Brain & Cognitive Sciences. It is devised to go beyond the horizons of neuroscience into the complex structure of human psychology. It is basically a diet plan, devised scientifically for achieving a psychological level and mindset to follow the program and have a healthy, fit and joyful life.

Bright Line Eating is devised on a proper structure and is against moderate approach. The diet plan is basically devised on the basis of addiction. The reason is that, usually consuming little amount of addictive food doesn't lets the craving fade away rather it worsens it. The function of Bright Line Eating is that it acts as a facility to people who want to lose weight and then happily stay in that mindset.

Bright Line Eating is a sure weight loss strategic program, but it's more than simply eating habits, it's a new way of living. People above 60 from different countries have participated in their online Boot Camps and the numbers are in thousands. Every day the number is rising and it is unstoppable. It is for sure the most successful weight loss program and their statistics are a proof to that.
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Sherry Givens



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