Secrets In Sydney, MELANIE MILBURNE, Emily Forbes, Fiona Lowe
MELANIE MILBURNE,Emily Forbes,Fiona Lowe

Secrets In Sydney

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{"strong"=>["Sydney Harbour Hospital:Tom’s Redemption"]}
After disappearing for two years, former head of neurosurgery Tom Jordan is back and his secret is out. He is blind and will never operate again. Tom might be the proudest, rudest man Hayley Grey has ever met — but she can’t deny his powerful charisma!
{"strong"=>["Sydney Harbour Hospital: Lexi’s Secret"]}
Heiress Lexi Lockhart has it all…but beneath her glossy façade, she longs to be taken seriously — especially by sexy surgeon Sam Bailey. But if Lexi gives in to the attraction between them, will Sam still want her when he discovers her deepest secret?
{"strong"=>["Sydney Harbour Hospital: Bella’s Wishlist"]}
Confined to her hospital bed, the only thing keeping shy Bella’s vital signs in check are the regular visits from charming Dr Charlie Maxwell. Bella’s living on borrowed time — but making her deepest wishes come true seems to be Charlie’s only priority!
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HarperCollins Publishers, Mills Boon



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