The Vagabond

From the author of Gigi comes this tale of 33-year-old Renée Néré, recently divorced and seeking a new life as a vaudeville performer. Maxime, a wealthy playboy, tempts her from the path of independence with the comforts of love and marriage. From the physical and psychological distance of a provincial tour, Renée reflects upon the conflicting needs of security and freedom. «The Vagabond, one of the first and best feminist novels ever written, is that rare thing: a great book which is also inspiring," declared Erica Jong. This vivid portrait of life in the Parisian music halls of the early twentieth century was drawn from the author's personal experiences. Colette's 1910 novel mirrors her own adventures as an itinerant dancer as well as her struggles to maintain a balance between social respectability and artistic freedom. This edition features an authoritative new translation of her story as well as an informative Introduction by Stanley Appelbaum.
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    o you think a ‘new love,’ as you call it, destroys the memory of the first, or . . . reawakens it
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    don’t like the future! To prepare for it! It prepares for itself without anybody’s help, and it arrives so quickly . . .”
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    Come now, don’t start again! I meant that you’ve gotten old this week! You’ve gotten old today! Tomorrow, or in an hour, you’ll be five years or ten years younger .

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