Akira Iida

Paradigm Theory & Policy Making

A review of clashes between global and local economics, reveals a new insight for anticipating the economic future.Paradigm Theory and Policy Making is a wide–ranging and thought–provoking treatise on the forces that have shaped the political economies of the developed and developing world since World War II. The author—a vastly experienced policy maker, nationally and internationally—takes us on a journey that encompasses not just economics but political science, sociology, philosophy and cultural studies as he presents an alternative framework to conventional academic ideas.Along the way, he provides a critical evaluation of theories that have dominated economic thought in the last 50 years and highlights the dangers of a blanket application of such theories without taking into account the “real–world” practicalities confronted by nation states in a globalizing world.Topics include: The Conceptual Framework of the Paradigm Theory Civilization, Culture and the Paradigm of Political Economy American Values and the Paradigm of Political Economy The Post–Terror Paradigm Developing Economies and the Paradigm of Political Economy A reflection on “Innocence and Design”Praise for Paradigm Theory & Policy Making:“An alternative framework of ideas for understanding the complexity of policy making in the fast lane.” —John H. McArthur, Dean Emeritus, Harvard Business School.
217 бумажных страниц
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Tuttle Publishing



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