Unrealistic Depression: The Dark Secrets behind the Mental Health Industry and How to Help Yourself, Mark Brightlife
Mark Brightlife

Unrealistic Depression: The Dark Secrets behind the Mental Health Industry and How to Help Yourself

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We trust doctors and mental health science out of lack of choices. But the more the population of the world is willing to cooperate with the system promoted by those that control it, the easier it is to proceed without rebellions and revolutions.
Most solutions, given to an increasingly insane, world are basically leading to death faster than expected. When visiting a Psychologist, patients tend to be immediately convinced that the origin of their problem lies in childhood, what leads to months of appointments going nowhere specifically rather than the profit the psychologist can earn. It’s difficult to see anything different from this reality because doctors and therapists would lose their job and license if they did otherwise. Their medical career depends on specific procedures.
A profound research in the field of Mental Health would allow observing four facts:
Psychiatry follows a manual called DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) which has been changed over the past sixty years to suit Governmental purposes;
Most so-called psychological illnesses are created after the Pharmaceutical Industry launches a new drug in the market;
There’s no scientific measurement showing how a mental illness can be related to an imbalance within the body or how a balance can be reestablished;
There’s absolutely no relevant statistical evidence proving uplifting results from the use of drugs or electroconvulsive therapies in the treatment of Depression but there’re many showing how these treatments lead to apathy and suicide, as well as physical diseases.
The most famous psychiatric drugs, like prozac and lithium, have compounds such as fluoride, commonly found in rat poison, and are known to produce the following effects:
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS);
Diabetes – worsening symptoms;
Fibromyalgia (severe muscle weakness and/or pain with extremely sore spots on various bony areas);
Food intolerances that seem to come and go ;
Gastrointestinal problems – irritable bowel, nausea, diarrhea without apparent cause, heartburn and upper bowel pain;
Heart palpitations and increased heart rate without exertion;
Kidney disease – worsening symptoms, kidney stones;
Teeth – loosening or needing to be extracted despite good hygiene and diet.

Often seems that the solution to a problem creates a bigger one.
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