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    that there is something missing from our ability to carry out a decision once we have made it.

    In fact if we are honest it sometimes feels as if it is easier to get other people to do what we want them to do than it is to get ourselves to do what we want to do. We like to think of ourselves as a sort of separate entity sitting in our body controlling it, but when we look at the way we behave most of the time that is not really the case. The body controls itself most of the time. We have a delusion of control. That’s what it is – a delusion.

    If we want to see how little control we have over ourselves, all most of us have to do is to look in the mirror. You might like to do that now. Ask yourself as you look at your image:

    Is my health the way I want it to be?
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    he easiest way to do this is for you to pretend to yourself that you are not going to do the task.
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    Really all that he and his readers have to do is to decide to keep to these rules, surely

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