The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017, Peter S.Beagle, John Joseph Adams, N.K.Jemisin, Charles Yu, Catherynne Valente, Brian Evenson, Leigh Bardugo, Greg van Eekhout, Alice Kim, Dale Bailey, Nisi Shawl, Caroline M. Yoachim, E. Lily Yu, Genevieve Valentine, Jeremiah Tolbert, A. Merc Rustad, Alexander Weinstein, Debbie Urbanski, Helena Bell, Joseph Allen Hill, Nick Wolven
Peter S.Beagle,John Joseph Adams,N.K.Jemisin,Charles Yu,Catherynne Valente,Brian Evenson,Leigh Bardugo,Greg van Eekhout,Alice Kim,Dale Bailey,Nisi Shawl,Caroline M. Yoachim,E. Lily Yu,Genevieve Valentine,Jeremiah Tolbert,A. Merc Rustad,Alexander Weinstein,Debbie Urbanski,Helena Bell,Joseph Allen Hill,Nick Wolven

The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017

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“This volume showcases the nuanced, playful, ever-expanding definitions of the genre and celebrates its current renaissance.” —Washington Post
Science fiction and fantasy can encompass so much, from far-future deep-space sagas to quiet contemporary tales to unreal kingdoms and beasts. But what the best of these stories do is the same across the genres—they illuminate the whole gamut of the human experience, interrogating our hopes and our fears. With a diverse selection of stories chosen by series editor John Joseph Adams and guest editor Charles Yu, The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017 continues to explore the ever-expanding and changing world of SFF today, with Yu bringing his unique view—literary, meta, and adventurous—to the series’ third edition.
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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt



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