Juliana Baldec

Yoga Poses Strenght Training: Autoimmunity & Stress Free Sustainability

I created this yoga poses for beginners bool for yoga beginners (like me!) who are looking for the most beneficial yoga poses that beginners should absolutely know about. This compilation of the 11 most beneficial yoga workouts reveals my top yoga postures for beginners. I reveal some valuable tips how to apply them the right way and how to make them work for you the proper way. In today's world time has become such a valuable resource and I give you some insider tips that make these yoga poses for beginners at home work for you, too! The objective of the book is to give you my top 11 yoga basic poses for beginners, to show you the benefits of each one, and to make each of them work for you! I will give you some valuable tips and hints what I like about each of these positions and why they specifically work for me. This book gives you a cool way to discover the best yoga exercises for beginners without having to invest a fortune in trainers and instructors…
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