Цитаты из книги «New Year, Same You», Geoff Tibballs

Your future depends on your dreams. So don’t waste any time, stay in bed all day.
1diots – they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience

* and another reason for never arguing with idiots is that people watching might not be able to tell the difference
A couple were talking one evening. ‘Darling,’ said the husband, ‘I’m so sorry about my bad moods. I shouldn’t take out my anger and frustration on you. I don’t know how you manage to stay so calm around me.’

‘I always go and clean the toilet when that happens,’ she replied.

‘And that helps?’

‘Yes, because I use your toothbrush.’
* No problem is so big or complicated that you can’t run away from it.

* Keep the dream alive. Hit the snooze button.

Well I agree. 😁

1. Don’t leave the last biscuit in the packet for someone else; they won’t thank you for it.

2. Never allow anyone else to become custodian – even temporarily – of the TV remote; they can’t be trusted with such a vital piece of equipment.

3. Never go to bed angry. Stay awake and plot your revenge.

4. Don’t take your worry to bed with you – make your partner sleep in the spare room.

5. Smile at totally random moments – those around you will start worrying about what you find so amusing.

6. Don’t hate yourself in the morning – sleep till noon.

7. And don’t read any articles about mindfulness.
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