A Joosr Guide to Quiet by Susan Cain

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Our society overlooks and discourages introverted behavior, but introverts have unique and valuable qualities that help shape the world we live in every day.

The power of introversion isn't something you hear discussed much. Extroverts seem to be in demand as leaders, in the media, and everywhere else you look. With so much attention focused on extroversion, it can be easy to overlook the unique strength, resolve and persistence introverts possess, but this book aims to change that. In Quiet, you will witness the power and talent of introverts, see their potential for greatness, and learn how to build a better balance between those who speak up and those who prefer to remain quiet.

You will learn:

· Why society puts more value on extroverted behavior and ideals

· How to create a great work environment where introverts can thrive

· How to raise an introverted child when you're an extroverted parent.
22 бумажные страницы
Joosr, Joosr Ltd

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