Wine – 101 Truths, Myths and Legends, Roddy Button
Roddy Button

Wine – 101 Truths, Myths and Legends

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Are you a wine connoisseur? Do you prefer to try different makes and vintages or do you have a firm favourite? At the weekend, do you like to open a bottle (or two!) to enjoy with family and friends? Whatever your wine drinking habits, if you like wine, you are certain to enjoy this new trivia book.

Do you know how the American ‘Starboard’ wine came to be named? What did the eminent scientist William Lemeck discover about champagne? Who said, “Whether wine is a nourishment, medicine or poison is a matter of dosage.”? The answers can all be found in Wine – 101 Truths, Myths and Legends.

With sections on names of wines, champagne, colour, history, labels, quotes, cost, and much more, you can’t help but find out some fascinating new facts about wine and the myths and legends surrounding it.

Whether red, white or rose is your tipple, and even if you only ever drink champagne, if you like wine and are interested in the facts and figures associated with its production, you won’t want to without this book.
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On average there are 49 million bubbles in a 75cl bottle of champagne. The finer the champagne the smaller the bubbles, which can result in over 60 million bubbles per bottle for fine vintage champagne.
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