The Atomic Weight of Love, Elizabeth J. Church
Elizabeth J. Church

The Atomic Weight of Love

In her sweeping debut novel, Elizabeth J. Church takes us from the World War II years in Chicago to the vast sun-parched canyons of New Mexico in the 1970s as we follow the journey of a driven, spirited young woman, Meridian Wallace, whose scientific ambitions are subverted by the expectations of her era. In 1941, at seventeen years old, Meridian begins her ornithology studies at the University of Chicago. She is soon drawn to Alden Whetstone, a brilliant, complicated physics professor who opens her eyes to the fundamentals and poetry of his field, the beauty of motion, space and time, the delicate balance of force and energy that allows a bird to fly. Entranced and in love, Meridian defers her own career path and follows Alden west to Los Alamos, where he is engaged in a secret government project (later known to be the atomic bomb). In married life, though, she feels lost and left behind. She channels her academic ambitions into studying a particular family of crows, whose free life and companionship are the very things that seem beyond her reach. There in her canyons, years later at the dawn of the 1970s, with counterculture youth filling the streets and protests against the war rupturing college campuses across the country, Meridian meets Clay, a young geologist and veteran of the Vietnam War, and together they seek ways to mend what the world has broken. Exquisitely capturing the claustrophobic eras of 1940s and 1950s America, The Atomic Weight of Love also examines the changing roles of women during the decades that followed. And in Meridian Wallace we find an unforgettable heroine whose metamorphosis shows how the women’s movement opened up the world for a whole generation.
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Priscila Talavera
Priscila Talaveraделится впечатлением6 месяцев назад
💧До слез

This is Meridian's story. The story about the way she sheltered herself with knowledge, the way she loved and was loved, the way she broke free from the norm, society was too skin tight for this woman that was eager to always go out on an adventure. We learn about her losses and her victories and shows us that no matter what we have to keep on going. Heavy on the feelings and nerdly joyful. I liked this story, a lot.
Esta es la historia de Meridian. La historia de cómo se refugio en el conocimiento, cómo amó y fue amada, cómo se liberó de las nomas porque la sociedad resultó ser muy ajustada para la mujer que buscó aventuras al aire libre. Conocemos sus pérdidas y sus victorias y nos muestra que hay que seguir hacia adelante contra todo pronóstico. La carga sentimental fue fuerte, pero los datos y la ñoñez aligeraron la lectura. Me gustó muchísimo esta historia.

Daphne Er
Daphne Erделится впечатлением4 года назад

It is very interesting

Peteteh47делится впечатлением4 года назад

Like the way she handles her life and turn to be a champion of womens right.


Priscila Talavera
Priscila Talaveraцитирует6 месяцев назад
Our exuberance killed them.
Nor Irah
Nor Irahцитируетв прошлом году
I cannot say with scientific certainty how many times over these many decades it kept or deviated from its rhythm, how many times it catapulted with love or capitulated in grief.
Anita Halimi
Anita Halimiцитирует3 года назад
SIX MONTHS LATER, I awoke to my mother’s frantic voice as she begged my father to awaken. He did not. He was dead of a massive heart attack at age forty-three.
It was impossible that the exuberance that had been my father—his riotous laughter, his dogged perseverance of knowledge and truth—had simply dissipated. Where did all of that energy go? Vaporized, maybe—but into what, and where? What happened to the bounty of his being, his love for us, for me?
I tried to remember every

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