Cathy Wilson

Blood Group Diet: Eating Right for Your Blood Group 101

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Blood Group Diet: Eating Right for Your Blood Group 101 by Cathy Wilson introduces aspects of the evolutionary blood type diet and benefits to your health.

Digging beneath the surface to the meat and potatoes of your good health, Wilson opens your mind to simple lifestyle and nutrition changes that may just keep your ticker “tock-ing” a little bit longer. Giving you the tools to utilize this expert information, while showing you how to implement.

… Blood Types Explained . . .
… Better Food Choices For Your Blood Type . . .
… Blood Type and Cancers . . .

are just a nibble of the wealth of pro-active information uncovered.
This book inspires you to want to take charge of your great health. Actions speak louder than words and Blood Group Diet: Eating Right For Your Blood Group 101 takes action.
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    aidanaresmiделится впечатлениемв прошлом году

    I think , the book is easy to read. There was only exact informations about dieat, blood types... these ones u can read from the inet. Dont plz waste ur time. 1st of all try to read about the author and ull see that she is a person who couldn't find her own real place in her life.

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