Thomas Hobbes


Leviathan concerns the structure of society and legitimate government, and is regarded as one of the earliest and most influential examples of social contract theory.
Of Man
Of Sense
Of Imagination
Of the Consequence or Train of Imagination
Of Speech
Of Reason and Science
Of the Ends or Resolutions of Discourse
Of the Virtues Commonly Called Intellectual; and Their Contrary Defects
Of the Several Subject of Knowledge
Of Power, Worth, Dignity, Honour and Worthiness
Of the Difference of Manners
Of Religion
Of the First and Second Natural Laws, and of Contracts
Of Other Laws of Nature
Of Persons, Authors, and Things Personated
Of Commonwealth
Of the Causes, Generation, and Definition of a Commonwealth
Of the Rights of Sovereigns by Institution
Of Dominion Paternal and Despotical
Of the Liberty of Subjects
Of Systems Subject Political and Private
Of the Public Ministers of Sovereign Power
Of Counsel
Of Civil Laws
Of Crimes, Excuses, and Extenuations
Of Punishments and Rewards
Of the Office of the Sovereign Representative
Of the Kingdom of God by Nature
Of a Christian Commonwealth
Of the Principles of Christian Politics
Of the Signification in Scripture of Kingdom of God, of Holy, Sacred, and Sacrament
Of the Signification in Scripture of the Word Church
Of the Rights of the Kingdom of God, in Abraham, Moses, the High Priests, and the Kings of Judah
Of the Office of Our Blessed Saviour
Of Power Ecclesiastical
Of What Is Necessary for a Man's Reception into the Kingdom of Heaven
Of the Kingdom of Darkness
Of Spiritual Darkness from Misinterpretation of Scripture
Of Demonology and Other Relics of the Religion of the Gentiles
Of Darkness from Vain Philosophy and Fabulous Traditions
Of the Benefit That Proceedeth from Such Darkness, and to Whom It Accrueth
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