Laura Lovecraft

It's Only Sex, Daddy

Darren's obsessed with his daughter, Cassie, a spoiled brat who drives him crazy to the point he fantasizes about punishing her in a not-so-fatherly way. To relieve his frustration, Darren hires escorts who look like her to enact his taboo
fantasies. The new girl he found online couldn't be more perfect. She not only
looks, but acts, like Cassie. Not surprising--seeing Darren just hired his daughter!

Excerpt ~~~~~

He reached into his pocket
and removed the five hundred dollar bills and putting them on the nightstand,
walked over and opened the door.

His Cassie of the evening
stood a couple of feet away with her back to him. She wore a black leather
jacket that was too warm for the weather, but one look at her black stocking
clad legs told him she’d kept her word and had the lingerie underneath.

He had no doubt she’d heard
him open the door and was posing for him. Her long curly brown hair was just
like Cassie’s, flowing halfway down her back and her black stiletto heels had to be five inches.

The jacket didn’t go much
past her upper thigh and her legs were long and shapely. She proved she knew he was there, by lifting the jacket high enough to show the stockings were thigh
highs and give him a look at her perfect little backside in the black lace boy

Darren played along. “Get in here right now, young lady!” He hissed in a low whisper.

She stiffened and cocked her head. Darren hoped he hadn’t done anything to put her off, then heard voices. Seeing
people coming around the corner, he ducked back into the room behind the door.

He heard footsteps and she quickly walked past him, her head turned toward the bed. He caught a whiff of her perfume as she passed and smiled as he closed the door. She flinched at the
sound and he quickly spoke up, when he realized it might have looked like he was trying to sneak up on her.

“Sorry to duck in like that,
but didn’t want anyone to see me. You know how it is.”

She nodded and Darren
frowned. Her body language told him she was nervous and that was the one thing
she didn’t seem the other night. Had she been acting?

“I brought some wine if you
want a glass and your money’s on the nightstand.” He remained where he was not wanting to startle her. But his excitement was fading, something seemed off.

“So,” He tried to sound
casual. “Why don’t you take off that jacket so I can see what my misbehaving
daughter is wearing that’s going to get her in trouble.”

She didn’t move and his
stomach sinking, Darren started to ask her what was wrong, but then saw the
ties to the jacket fall to the side. Keeping her back to him, she let the jacket fall to the floor.

“You’re walking around the house like
that?" He began the game «You really are something. You can’t even
face me, can you?”

She shook her head and emitted a soft whimper that sent a thrill through him.

“Don’t try that whining on me, little girl. It’s not going to work tonight. Now turn around and look at me
when I talk to you.”

Her shoulders slumped in resignation, she slowly turned, her head down, her hair obscuring her face. The front was even better than the back. Her breasts pushed up in the blue black
top and the shorts just a patch of black lace between her thighs.

Darren stepped closer.

“Stop hiding behind your hair
like a little girl and look up at me.” He paused for effect. “Now!”

There was another whimper,
and pushing her hair from her face, she lifted her head to look at him,
whispering, “Sorry, daddy.”

Darren’s eyes widened and his
stomach felt as if someone had kicked him in it.
The hooker he'd just hired was Cassie.
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Boruma Publishing, LLC
Moira Nelligar



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