Escape, G.S. Willmott
G.S. Willmott


This sequence of authentic and audacious war-time escapes keeps the reader spell-bound from start to finish. Garry Willmott has unearthed a series of escapes which would be the envy of Houdini. From the chilling history of escapes from Colditz, escapes from comparatively humane British POW camps and from a Prisoner-of-War camp in Australia, these are all carefully selected to enthral us with the ingenuity and brazen boldness of the escapees. Each story is totally unique and each forms a contrast to the one before: several stories stand out as memorable. "The Great Escape" and "Love Conquers the Wall" are breath-taking in their audacity, while the escapes of William Leefe Robinson and Gunther Pluschow, two of the longer stories in the collection, are examples of human ingenuity and raw courage. Each escape is based on well-researched evidence and there are many fascinating photographs to enliven each narrative; the author brings the stories to life, re-enacting exchanges of dialogue in dramatic sequences and setting each escape in a convincing authentic setting. This well-written collection gives us a fresh perspective on experiences of Prisoners-of War… an informative and entertaining read.
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Garry Willmott


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