John J Racine

The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Filling The Dining Room and Profiting Wildly

In The Restaurant Owner’s Guide To Filling The Dining Room and Profiting Wildly, you will discover the highly coveted secrets of true restaurant growth and success only a very small number of people know. Virtually everything you have been taught about running a restaurant is dead wrong. It's not your fault though. They don't teach you what it really takes to be successful in this highly competitve industry.
Here's some of what you will discover in The Restaurant Owner’s Guide To Filling The Dining Room and Profiting Wildly:

The number that really matters to the long term success of your restaurant, and it is not profit or loss…
What behemoths like Disney have figured out about running a restaurant and how you can leverage the same strategy even more effectively…
Which of the 4 ways to grow your restaurant business is most successful and easiest to execute…
Like right way to leverage social media to fill your restaurant virtually at will, do it wrong and you may never recover…
What successful restaurant owners do not 1 in 100 unsuccessful do and how you can put this in place effortlessly…
And a whole lot more…

This will be your go to resource for ramping up your sales and repeat business in any restaurant. Written by a 20 plus year veteran of the restaurant industry, you will definitely learn some smart tactics and strategies you can put in place immediately to start filling your dining room every day and for every meal period.

Run your restaurant without this book at your own risk.
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